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Detox & Purification

Detox & Purification


Aquarian Wellness offers totally individually designed customized detox programs for weight loss conditioning and internal body cleansing, anti aging rejuvenation and disease prevention especially designed to perform for each person’s individual condition, age and emotional state to support best the individual needs of the client. This service is offered at as needed levels of components used to design it – starting with 1 hour consultation session – please inquire for details.

Aquarian Wellness believes that any nutrition program needs to be designed around a strong detox-based set of methods to allow the body to gentle evolve into the change of its habitual food intake.

Call for individual pricing for each program.


The Benefits of Detox and Purification

This program supports the liver to clear excess hormones and support detoxification while nourishing key endocrine glands.  Benefits include weight loss, improved digestion and elimination, increased energy, improved sleep, and calmer mood.

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