Colon Hygiene

Colon Hygiene

Safe and easy way to remove excess waste accumulated inside the body a simple hygiene process most useful to maintain a pure condition of the internal organs – the only natural immune system maintenance method for long term healthcare protection and prevention – best way to keep your health in a place of wellness and comfort.

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Mini Tao Detox Package #1

Time needed – same day two hour appointment

1 Colon Hygiene Session (@45min session)
1 Infrared Sauna (@30min session)
1 Jade Lumbar Massage Bed (@30min session)

Small Tao Detox Package #2

Time needed each visit – two consecutive days of appointments @ 2 hours

2 Colon Hygiene Session (@45min session)
2 Infrared Sauna (@30min session)
2 Jade Lumbar Massage Bed (@30min session)

Big Tao Detox Package #3

Time needed each visit – three consecutive days of appointments @ 3 hours

3 Colon Hygiene (@45min session)
3 Infrared Sauna (@30min session)
3 Jade Lumbar Massage Bed (@30min session)
3 Ionic Detox Foot Bath (@30min session)
3 Ear Hygiene Sessions (@45min session)


The Benefits of a Clean Colon

After food has passed through your stomach and small intestine, the residual material moves to the first section of your large intestine – your colon. At approximately 6 feet long, your colon’s primary job is to dehydrate liquid waste material in preparation for excretion. The average colon contains nearly 60 varieties of microflora and bacteria, which aid digestion and promote nutrient production. This helps to maintain pH balance and prevent the growth and proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Keeping your colon clean can provide many substantial health benefts including:

  • Lower risk of developing bowel cancer; a leading type of cancer in most industrialized countries
  • Lower risk of experiencing discomfort from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), chronic constipation, and chronic diarrhea
  • Lower risk of developing hemorrhoids
  • Less undesirable gas production
  • More productive absorption of water and nutrients
  • A feeling of lightness and comfort in your abdominal region

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Detoxification is  nourishing the body from the inside out…