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Welcome to Aquarian Wellness

Aquarian Wellness aim is to support its clients in their endeavor to balance their health and attune their consciousness to the physical body they are living in. This, we believe, will carry them on to their own constant path of wellness.

Aquarian Wellness services include: Expert colon hygiene via applied colon hydrotherapy by means of colonic irrigation and diverse balneological detox methods – our colonic detox sessions include Prana energy cleansing and Reiki energetic infusions of positive force of Light and Sound resonance. Aquarian Wellness Qi energy tracing Pranic lymph drainage is the best service of this kind this side of the Pacific ocean.

Aquarian Wellness all energetic detox treatments include but are not limited to sessions in Infrared Sauna, Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Jade Lumbar Massage Bed as well as many individually selected custom treatments reflecting the needs of the particular client.

We offer expert Detox and Nutri-fasting info/education workshops, special diet planning and guided individualized transitioning to a raw food life style. Weight loss plans and Custom Cleanses are our specialty being uniquely structured to own clients body type, constitution and custom designed for all individual client needs.

All our sessions are booked on the hour – By appointment only.
Appointment Times – Begin at 2:00 PM the last appointment time offered is 8:00 pm.
All appointments are prepaid and booked on credit card.

24-hrs prior cancellation notice is required by phone to avoid being charged for any session.

For consultation please call 323 655-8385!  or Click here to book now! 

Aquarian Wellness
Custom Colonic Detox & Cleanses
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Our Story

Aquarian Wellness offers expert detox concepts for rejuvenation and anti aging focused on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. We apply techniques rooted in ancient methods from around the world but mainly based on Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing and balance, which principles are based on the universal laws of nature.

Ayurveda which translates to “the science of life” is an intricate knowledge of systems creating and integrating all internal and external environments of our world and the known as well as yet to be explored cosmic space beyond our planet, it considers the physical and non physical life as a continuous dynamics of pure energetic creation and the human being within it a whole complex universal mechanism: the physical body, the mind that binds the soul and its consciousness to the physical form it exhibits and inhabits in each lifetime.

According to these ancient teachings which are to be found in the oldest written record of any civilization estimated to be 10 thousand years old or even older all living things on earth including humans are a spirits that incarnate onto the tangible side of divine creation to experience life through a defined material form – but all are energy that experiences material life for a while therefore, needs to constantly adjust and balance the dense material state of being of the physical body it inhabits.

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Detoxification is  nourishing the body from the inside out…